Tell us why you like to walk!  If you are a walker, encourage others to start walking by sharing why you like to walk.  Please send your brief statement with a photo to nwilliams9@wellspan.org.  Thank you!

"Walking benefits our mood and positively impacts our day. It helps us recharge and be more effective throughout our work day. It also keeps us grounded and allows us to be able to connect with co-workers and be more present for the people we serve. Lastly, it is a great opportunity for us to get our much needed vitamin D! We love hopping on the York County Rail Trail to enjoy it’s beautiful view!”

-Wellness Group, Pressley Ridge



"Our staff members appreciate our on-site walking trail to re-energize during lunch breaks, soak in the sun, or hold walking/working meetings to get extra steps in during the day. Productive and healthy!”

-Rich Farr, Executive Director, rabbittransit




"With my recent back surgery, regular walks in the York Township Community Park were key to recovering quickly. I’m now back to my fitness regime of biking and running."
-Tom Austin, President, Transportation Resource Group



"Walking in our great County parks with my golden retriever, Rocky, is my way to get outdoors and de-stress. "
-Joiann Galiano, Chief, Community Development, York County Planning Commission



"Recently some family members and I went on a hike. It was a great way to bond and create lifelong memories. We walked, we danced, we climbed, we exercised, took many photos, and enjoyed so many side-splitting jokes along the way. We had so much fun hiking that we had not even realized how far we had walked. We will certainly hike again soon as a group and especially now that several friends are asking us to invite them on the next adventure. If you can, I encourage you to walk, run, or hike and just enjoy the beauty and healing power of nature."
-Yvette Lawrence-Hood, Dr.PH, CEO, Simple Health Education (pictured front right)

"I love going on walks with my Dad and my dog on walks at Pinchot Park. It is a great exercise for all of us and gives us a chance to do something fun together. We try to keep track of birds that we see."
-Ryan and Glen Dunbar



"Long walks on the weekend are therapy after a busy week. Fortunately we have many great places to hike in York County. My favorite is around Lake Williams. It’s the perfect place to check out the birds, spot the first signs of spring, and enjoy the fresh air."
-Deb Gogniat



"Nothing makes me feel quite as good as walking does. I particularly love spending time on the Heritage Rail Trail here in York. There’s something about the fresh air, sunshine, beautiful views and peace of mind that walking brings to me. I deal with anxiety and moderate amount of stress each week and through walking, it helps relieve my stress and anxiety levels. Walking is free and can be done anywhere, at any time of day. There are so many wonderful places to walk throughout York County and I enjoy learning about other places to walk that I am not already familiar with. I encourage all York Countians to get out and get walking, whether solo, with a buddy, with your dog or with your family! Walking is the ultimate exercise and mood booster, and can bring you many more benefits."
-Tamara Ramer, CHES®, Community Health Educator, UPMC Pinnacle Hanover

"For over 25 years, I was an avid runner, averaging over 50 miles per week. During this period, I could eat and drink whatever I wanted. If I indulged too much, I just needed to run some extra miles. Unfortunately, I tore a meniscus and was told by my doctor that while I could continue running, I would need a knee replacement in a few years due to the lack of cartilage in my knees. Believe it or not, this took some significant soul-searching and was a life-changing moment for me. I gave up running but discovered the benefits of walking. Every day, I walk at least two miles. While I now have to pay attention to what I eat, I can walk without any pain in my knees. For me, walking is a time for reflection on both personal and business-related issues. It is also a time for my dog, Tiller, and I to bond. He looks forward more to walking than being given a treat. He is also a great motivator, given he will not be denied his daily walk. I never thought walking would replace running but I have made the appropriate adjustments in my life to make walking a priority."
-Robert Woods, Executive Director, United Way of York County (pictured with Tiller)

"Walking provided a very practical starting point for physical activity when I began having unexplained joint pain at a young age. Just getting started with 30 minutes a day gave me the confidence to do more and even complete several 5Ks with my big sister as support! At this point, I walk regularly and have significantly less pain."
-Nicole Smith, MPH, Community Health Specialist, City of York Bureau of Health (pictured on left with sister Jackie Smith-James on right)

"Whether walking with my puppy, my husband, my sister, my granddaughter, my friends, or in blissful solitude, there's nothing that makes me feel as whole and happy as taking a walk; medicine for my soul."
-Leslie Robinson, MD, retired OB/GYN(pictured with Tiller)



"I believe walking is the best way to maintain and improve mental and physical health. It’s something that can be simply built into daily activities. Just thirty minutes a day. Get those steps in by walking with the dog or with a neighbor, taking a hike, or strolling in the park on a Sunday afternoon. It’s good for your whole being -- and fun! Make walking a lifelong habit and ask others to join York County Walks."
-Angie Piel, UPMC Pinnacle Memorial