Healthy Delta Community Needs Assessment

September 21, 2018
In January 2016, the Healthy York County Coalition released results of the Delta Healthy Living Assessment. This assessment, which included key informant interviews and a survey of patrons of the Mason Dixon Community Center, recommended additional study to determine next steps.

Diabetes Resource Guide

June 19, 2018
The Diabetes Coalition of York County has developed a resource guide . . .

New Walking Route in York City

May 31, 2018
Nicole Smith, Community Health Specialist, organized the “WalkWorks” route in the city of York.

Lessons to Learn from Veterinarians

April 25, 2018
Nurse Liz Winders considers what can be learned from veterinarians regarding decisions and conversations about end of life care for humans.

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Quote of the Week


Confronting the Inevitable 

Recently surgeon-author Atul Gawande noted that many people spend their final days in a desperate battle to stave off the inevitable, meaning that their last moments with family and friends are spent in a medical institution, hooked up to tubes and machines. Part of that reality stems from the assumption by many in the medical field that patients are most concerned with avoiding pain and extending life, he said.  

People are willing to sacrifice their health, their finances, even their lives for what’s important to them, he said, citing family, country, religion, beauty, and justice. Patients want to be at peace, often with a higher power, to have a sense of an arc to their lives, and to not be a burden to others. Some want to continue working as long as possible. Others want to enjoy simple pleasures and comforts.

Harvard Gazette, October 2018